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Protect First That Which You Can Least Afford to Lose!

We offer disability and long-term care plans for individuals, business, and business owners.

If you become too sick or injured to work, do you have a plan to pay your mortgage, utilities, insurance premiums, and other expenses? Would you continue to be able to contribute to your retirement plan?

Your most important financial asset is YOU!

Burnor Insurance Agency can help you or your business find complete solutions to your unique disability insurance needs. Workers can protect their incomes through several disability plans that are offered by insurance companies. These insurance plans replace a portion of the individuals’ incomes while they are recovering from their medical conditions. Many illnesses and injuries that can sideline workers for short or long periods are covered by these plans.

Types of Disability Insurance
There are two private disability insurance plans available in the United States: Long-term and short-term. Both plans pay benefits for specific periods of time, with short-term disability insurance covering from a couple months up to a year, while long-term disability insurance provides coverage from one year to the rest of the insured’s lives. Insured’s of both plans also have to wait a specific amount of time before receiving benefits. Those insured by short-term plans typically wait between several days to weeks, while long-term plans have waiting periods that can last for several months.

Benefits of Disability Insurance
Disability insurance plans pay a percentage of the insured’s’ salaries while they are unable to work. Without disability insurance, workers would have to use other financial resources, such as their savings accounts, retirement funds or even family and friends. With one in seven workers likely to become disabled for more than 5 years, according to The Council for Disability Awareness, disability benefits can be their only means to maintaining an income.

What It Covers
Disability plans cover many different medical problems that can keep people out of work. Some of the most common short-term disabilities include maternity leaves, broken bones, diabetes, and back injuries. Cancer, muscular tissue disorders and the losses of sight, hearing, and limb are some of the long-term disabilities that are covered.

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